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2023 Most Innovative Solutions Award

Unleashing Potential, Embracing Success
HONG KONG SAR - 1 December 2023 - With the aim of nurturing corporate innovation and inspiring elites from diverse industries to uphold the spirit of breakthrough and innovation, BUSINESS INNOVATOR organized the "2023 Most Innovative Solutions Award" to recognize companies and institutions that have made remarkable contributions and demonstrated unparalleled innovation across various industries.

The awards ceremony and dinner were held at Hotel ICON in Tsim Sha Tsui, where a distinguished gathering of prominent political and business figures graced the event as officiators and presenters, to exchange exceptional and innovative business solutions for representatives from nearly a hundred companies, resulting in a lively and captivating atmosphere.

With the theme of "Unleashing Potential, Embracing Success", this year's BUSINESS INNOVATOR has carefully chosen 76 outstanding companies to be honoured with the Innovative Solutions Award, covering a wide range of industries, including professional services, information technology, art and culture, financial services, retail services, and more. Despite their diverse fields, all the award-winning companies share a common trait - they possess groundbreaking business solutions that propel their businesses forward.

During his speech at the award ceremony, Mr. Jingo Chan, Managing Director of BUSINESS INNOVATOR, stated, "Although Hong Kong has experienced different ups and downs in the past few years, with the innovative thinking of Hong Kong people, they can always come up with different innovative business solutions to address societal obstacles and generate new opportunities. This invaluable soft power bestows upon the city a realm of boundless possibilities within its business society."

To mark the occasion, prominent political and business figures were invited as the officiant and award presenters of the award ceremony, including Dr. CHAN Pak Li, Bernard, JP, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Under Secretary of the Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Mr. LU Chin Yung, Senior Manager, StartmeupHK, Sector Specialists Group, Invest Hong Kong, Ms. Ada Lin, Division Head, Innovation and Strategy, HSBC Commercial Banking, Dr. Edward Lam, Chairman, Hong Kong SME Development Federation, Mr. Kenneth Ngok, Vice President, Hong Kong Greater China SME Alliance Association, Ms. Jessica Wong, Executive Director, Joint PR Consultants Limited and Ms. Fion Leung, Co-Founder & CEO, Time Auction.

The award ceremony was a resounding success and was honoured to receive support from organizations across various sectors, including HSBC Commercial Banking, Angel Investment Foundation, e-banner, Joint PR Consultants Limited and Time Auction.

Winners of "2023 Most Innovative Solutions Award" (in alphabetical order of companies)

ABUS Hardware (Hong Kong) Limited
The Most Excellent Professional Hardware Manufacturer of the Year
The Most Outstanding Additive-free Natural Skin Care Product Brand of the Year
Alpha Guide
The Best Online Psychological Counseling Service of the Year
Astro Heart Limited
The Best School of Animation and Visual Effects of the Year
Bela Offices
The Most Excellent Private Office Solution of the Year
Birdie STEM Lab
The Best STEM Education Centre of the Year
Blisses Medical Clinic
The Most Trusted Top Choice Healthcare Group of the Year
The Best POS System Management Expert of the Year
Brand Off Limited
The Most Outstanding Integrated Second-Hand Luxury Brand Entreprise of the Year
C & L Design Engineering Company Limited
The Most Outstanding Commercial Kitchen Builder of the Year
Cerebro Strategy Limited
The Most Outstanding Construction Software Engineering Solutions of the Year
Clover Wedding
The Most Outstanding Professional Wedding Photography Service of the Year
Cotton Painter Limited
The Most Excellent Professional Gift Customization Service of the Year
Dotink SMP
The Most Outstanding SMP Scalp Tattoo Center of the Year
East Gear (International) Corp Limited
The Most Outstanding Professional Safety Equipment Solution of the Year
The Most Trusted Cleaning and Disinfection Program Provider of the Year
Electronic Identity Display Limited
The Best NFC Digital Name Card Solution Provider of the Year
Everclean Environmental Services Limited
The Most Outstanding Diversified Professional Environmental Services of the Year
Fitwell Pro Engineering Limited
The Most Outstanding One-stop Interior Design Engineering Service of the Year
FormalWin Consultants Ltd.
The Most Professional Quality Management Consultant of the Year
Full Ztar International Limited
The Most Innovative Brand Advocacy Consultant of the Year
GCA Studio Limited
The Best All-Round Interior Design Company of the Year
Glam Me Up Limited
The Most Outstanding Popular Weight Loss Specialty Store of the Year
Global Education Group Limited
The Best One-stop Overseas Study Centre of the Year
Haneda Interiors Limited
The Best Interior Design Proposal of the Year
HOLO Physiotherapy Centre
The Most Innovative Professional Physiotherapy Service of the Year
Hong Kong Eastern Basketball Team
The Most Outstanding Professional Basketball Team of the Year
Hong Kong Observation Wheel and AIA Vitality Park
The Best Diverse Health Activity Experience Space of the Year
Hong Kong Post-Modern Orchestra Association
The Most Outstanding Orchestra Education Association of the Year
HUSTL. Entertainment Co. Limited
The Best Diverse Creative Marketing Agency of the Year
Hypthon Limited
The Most Outstanding Integrated Digital Technology Solution of the Year
Ian Sir English Team
The Most Outstanding Professional English Education Tutor of the Year
Imperial Chinese Medical Limited
The Most Reputable Chinese Medical Centre of the Year
Indigo x mYspace
The Most Outstanding Creative Indigo Dyeing Art Studio of the Year
The Most Outstanding Security Technology Solutions of the Year
KEENmates Limited
The Most Excellent Corporate Marketing Solution of the Year
Kevin Chan CLM HK Health Pro Limited
The Best Osteopathic Therapist of the Year
Key Locus Real Estate
The Most Outstanding Comprehensive Overseas Real Estate Service of the Year
The Best Horse Racing App of the Year
Kitfix Marine Engineering Limited
The Best Yacht Engineering and Management Services of the Year
Kwong Man Kee Group
The Most Excellent Construction and Engineering Services of the Year
LOJEL Limited
The Most Outstanding High-Quality Luggage Specialty Store of the Year
Mystic Island Winery
The Most Reputable Winery Brand of the Year
The Most Quality Health Food Brand of the Year
The Best Comprehensive Business Brand Development Consulting Service of the Year
New City Cleaning Service Company Limited
The Most Outstanding Cleaning Service Provider of the Year
Newpage Financial Press Limited
The Most Reputable Financial Printing Service of the Year
The Most Outstanding STEAM Gamified Learning Platform of the Year
Novel Experience Consultancy Limited
The Most Outstanding Corporate Event Planning Solution of the Year
Numstation Limited
The Best Digital Accounting Service Provider of the Year
OIYN Limited
The Most Outstanding Architectural Design Consultancy Services of the Year
Oriens Dental And Implant Centre
The Trusted Professional Dental Service of the Year
Pacific Care Limited
The Best Innovative Dental Product Solutions Provider of the Year
Post Tree Lifestyle Ltd.
The Best One-Stop Tree Recycling and Processing Service of the Year
ProSafe Group HK
The Most Outstanding Biotech Dietary Supplement Brand of the Year
Prudent Advisory Service Limited
The Most Excellent Professional Enterprise Service Plan of the Year
Rabbit Credit Limited
The Most Outstanding AI Financial Solution of the Year
Roctec Technology Limited
The Best IoT Solution for Railway Operations of the Year
Scholastic Chess
The Most Outstanding Professional Chess Course Centre of the Year
Selin Educational Institute Limited
The Most Outstanding Educational Program Centre of the Year
The Best Professional SMP Hair Tattoo Artist of the Year
The Best Local Fashion Brand of the Year
Sunrise Child Development Company Limited
The Most Excellent Children's Development and Training Service Center of the Year
SUP Retail (Hong Kong) Limited
The Most Outstanding Physical Bookstore and Online Retail Platform of the Year
Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
The Best Integrated Science Technology Education Development Institute of the Year
TH Global Enterprise Company Limited
The Most Outstanding Fashion Trims and Accessories Manufacturer of the Year
Three IC Limited
The Most Outstanding Professional IT Solutions and Services of the Year
The Best One-Stop Relocation Service of the Year
Uni-China Group
The Most Outstanding Business Management Service of the Year
Union Imaging & Healthcheck Centre
The Best Professional Medical Imaging and Healthcare Centre of the Year
VDA Jewellery Limited
The Best Quality Jewellery Supplier of the Year
Vicon Construction Company Limited
The Most Professional Construction Engineering Company of the Year
Vstudio Limited
The Best Interior Architectural Design Team of the Year
Why Coffee HK
The Best Home-Roasted Coffee Brand of the Year
You2 Creative Limited
The Best Building Block and Puzzle Art Development Workshop of the Year
YUNNAN BAIYAO | Fung Wah (HK) Company
The Most Outstanding Pure Natural Herbal Chinese Medicine Solution of the Year

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