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Jumat, 22 September 2023 04:25:00

KBTG Techtopia Takes Thai People and Partners Worldwide on a Journey Across the AI-Verse

Pitch Notes:

KBTG organized "KBTG Techtopia", a thought-provoking and skill-awakening tech conference featuring 40 partners and over 400 tech enthusiasts

BANGKOK, THAILAND - 21 September 2023 - KASIKORN Business-Technology Group (KBTG), Thailand's leading tech organization and the technology arm of Kasikornbank, organized "KBTG Techtopia", a thought-provoking and skill-awakening tech conference.

This two-day event (1-2 September 2023) serves as a platform for more than 450 tech enthusiasts and members of various industries to explore the world's latest trends, learn new things, connect with each other, and collect the necessary assets to accelerate their personal and professional growth.

With artificial intelligence rapidly dominating every discussion and nearly every industry, KBTG is determined to establish itself at the forefront of AI development in Thailand by hosting the first KBTG Techtopia under the theme "Across the AI-Verse", inviting over 40 partners who are specialists in specific fields to share their AI projects and dive deep into the technology realm in different dimensions.

The key highlight of KBTG Techtopia is the conference stage, which features 37 notable experts from 9 countries, ranging from global tech companies like Adobe, AWS, Cisco, GitHub, GitLab, Google Cloud and Microsoft, international research labs, to the government sector and universities in Thailand. For a total of 22 sessions, the topics were divided into four categories:

AI Trends and Outlook: experience the influence of AI through emerging trends and innovations beyond Generative AI, journeying across the world of M.A.D. (machine learning, AI, data)

AI Transformation: learn how AI is triggering transformation various domains e.g. DevOps, cyber security, Web3, and how one can hone its power to transform their organization

AI x Human: delve into today's relationship between humans and AI, reflecting on the looming fear and benefits, ultimately seeking the means to co-exist

AI Ecosystem: explore the impact and opportunity of AI in various industries e.g. health, finance, retail, environment, etc., including heavily debated issues like AI ethics

In addition to the main stage, KBTG Techtopia offered a chance for attendees to acquire new skills through hands-on "Playground Workshop", in which experts from leading organizations designed a series of workshop specific to this occasion, comprising KBTG's Designing AI Products workshop, GitHub's AI Code Off Competition, Splunk's Machine Learning workshop, and Google Cloud's Generative AI workshop with Google's own technology.

These companies also joined other six companies (Cisco, Curiosity Software, Dynatrace, Elastic, PALO IT, Slack) in showcasing their AI solutions in the "Exhibition Showcase" zone. Located in the same area were booths showcasing a variety of AI projects and demos by KBTG and its subsidiaries: KX and Kubix. Some examples of these projects are Car Inspection AI (using AI to automatically assess car damage), CCTV Analytics (analyzing the performance of bank branches with de-identified data), Asset Intelligence (improving NPA images decoration using AI to increase sales), and AINU (identity verification technology and AI business solution from KX - currently open for business).

Other noteworthy sessions at the event include "Speed Dating" for fresh graduates and professionals who are searching for the next step in the career and would like to check their compatibility with KBTG's talent acquisition team, "Business Matching" for business owners who are seeking new solutions, and "KBTG FinFest" a networking party where everyone can indulge in good food, great tunes, and gain new friends.

Mr. Ruangroj Poonpol, Group Chairman of KBTG expressed his gratitude to all attendees and partners who have partaken in the event, saying "this is the first big conference hosted by KBTG. Our aim for KBTG Techtopia is to create a platform where we can learn together, help each other grow and elevate the Thai tech ecosystem to the next level. This year, we have witnessed how fast AI is evolving. While new opportunities are presented to us, more and more people begin to fear the possibility of AI replacing their jobs in the near future. Nevertheless, if we possess the right knowledge, skill and mindset, I believe we can use AI to augment human's capability and help us achieve the things we never could before.

The next ten years will definitely go by faster than the past 50 years, so it is up to us whether we want to be transformed or drive the transformation ourselves. This is the perfect time for us to imagine the world in which we would like to live, then explore how AI can assist us in turning that vision into a reality. Once we have the answer, we can think and create said world together. Essentially that is what KBTG Techtopia is about: uncovering new possibilities and realizing the future with a community of people who are as passionate as you."

In response to Kasikornbank's business strategies based on ESG principles in the drive towards sustainable growth, KBTG will donate all proceeds from ticket and merchandise sales to Thailand Environment Institute, a non-profit, non-governmental organization focusing on environmental and sustainable development issues.

About KBTG

At KASIKORN Business-Technology Group, we never cease to develop and innovate financial solutions on top of our "Customer First" mindset. We are the driving force behind KBank's success as well as their navigator exploring the digital world beyond Thailand. Our wide-ranging online banking services are equipped with concrete infrastructure and strong barriers capable of guarding customers' valuable assets and data. Utilizing our expertise in Fintech business, combined with new generation's outside-the-box thinking, KBTG aims to transform into the best tech organization of Southeast Asia by 2025.

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