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Sabtu, 16 September 2023 18:10:00

KPMG Wellness Garden, in collaboration with NParks: First such new multigenerational garden opens in the east

Enhancing urban environments with a focus on health and wellness, in conjunction with the launch of a new publication to promote health and well-being in city planning

SINGAPORE  - 15 September 2023 - The National Parks Board (NParks) and KPMG in Singapore (KPMG) announced the completion of the multigenerational KPMG Wellness Garden.

Co-locating features that range from active play to tranquil nature-based interactions, this inclusive garden is accessible to park visitors of all ages and physical abilities and allows them to enjoy varying activities within one location. Encompassing a nature playgarden, therapeutic garden, nature fitness area, and a pond trail, each zone within the garden has been planned to cater to different user groups, ensuring inclusiveness and accessibility for all.

Ms Indranee Rajah, Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, Second Minister for Finance and Second Minister for National Development, officially opened the KPMG Wellness Garden today.

The Wellness Garden contributes towards NParks' initiative to establish 30 therapeutic gardens in parks across Singapore by 2030. Located at East Coast Park Area D, the Wellness Garden also showcases the successful collaboration between the private and public sectors, transforming urban environments into sustainable spaces that allow people to be brought closer to nature and to enjoy benefits such as improvements to their health and well-being.

KPMG, in partnership with NParks, has established the KPMG Wellness Garden as part of its 'Our Impact Plan', alongside its steadfast commitment to driving a global ESG agenda. The garden embodies the World Economic Forum's urban transformation framework, promoting health and inclusivity. The Wellness Garden is a prime example of urban planning for health and wellness. It serves as a sustainability and wellness hub, fostering community involvement through horticultural programmes and leveraging KPMG staff's volunteer efforts. The creation of the KPMG Wellness Garden is a significant milestone in KPMG's journey towards its ESG objectives, signifying a substantial development in its ongoing mission to create a lasting, positive societal impact.

For more information on KPMG's involvement and how KPMG Wellness Garden showcases planning for health and well-being, refer to Factsheet A.

Inclusiveness, accessibility, and environmental sustainability were key considerations

Catering to the needs of the various community groups in Singapore, the Wellness Garden includes a nature playgarden for children and a therapeutic garden to provide a more tranquil experience for seniors. This will encourage greater inter-generational interaction and foster family and community togetherness.

Located in Singapore's largest and most popular park, it serves as an inclusive space for people across all generations to enjoy and experience the natural coastal environment, while enhancing their health and well-being, in a single setting.

To ensure accessibility for all visitors, especially seniors and individuals with different abilities, the garden incorporates barrier-free paths, abundant seating, and rest stops. Furthermore, the inclusion of play and fitness equipment caters to a diverse range of abilities and age groups, such as wheelchair-friendly trampolines and lookout platforms accessible by ramps.

Environmental sustainability is a core component of the Wellness Garden's design, with the reuse of materials such as rocks and upcycled logs sourced from East Coast Park, showcasing resource conservation and circularity. Native plant species were also used to support habitat restoration efforts at the site.

The development of the Wellness Garden is supported by contributions from KPMG, through NParks' registered charity and IPC, the Garden City Fund.

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