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Leonteq integrates AMC Gateway into LynQs

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - EQS Newswire - 1 December 2021 - Leonteq today announced the integration of its AMC Gateway into the digital marketplace LynQs. The "AMC" module empowers index sponsors to create and manage their own tailor-made index solutions. With this expansion, LynQs becomes an even more comprehensive one-stop-shop for investment solutions.

Following the successful launch of the digital marketplace LynQs in 2019, Leonteq continued to enhance its platform throughout 2020 and launched the Quote module offering users a fully automated click 'n' trade platform in March 2021. As part of the planned acceleration of its digital offering, Leonteq is today adding a fourth module to LynQs by integrating its recently redesigned AMC Gateway into the platform. The addition of these new features will enrich and leverage the functionalities of LynQs.

The new "AMC" module in LynQs provides access to more than 100,000 underlyings across different asset classes throughout global markets, including crypto currencies.

All types of Leonteq structured products can be used as index components for AMCs as well as any kind of derivative such as listed options, forwards, futures, swaps and even customised OTCs and FX strategies. The digital platform additionally displays overviews and dashboards with the most relevant information of a client's AMCs, including their performance, index components, rebalancing transactions and historical cashflows. To generate extensive rebalancing instructions, users can also work with bulk uploads through standardized files and receive instant feedback on execution. Furthermore, index sponsors can download customised daily reports or receive them automatically via email on a personalised frequency.

Alessandro Ricci, Head Investment Solutions and member of the Executive Committee of Leonteq said: "LynQs is one of the cornerstones of our strategy and the expansion of our digital offering is a growth driver for Leonteq. The new AMC module in LynQs allows index sponsors a flexible, transparent and fast implementation of their index strategies and makes LynQs one of the most sophisticated digital platforms for structured products."

Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) are an innovative solution for index sponsors to customise and implement a proprietary technical or fundamental investment strategy, however compared to traditional investment forms with greater adjustability, operational efficiency and transparency with no setup and a predefined administration cost. Index sponsors - such as asset managers - can easily create and manage their index strategies based on nearly any asset class.

Kevin Dayot, Head of Digital Offering at Leonteq explained: "The uniqueness of LynQs lies in the inclusiveness and connectivity of the different modules and functionalities as well as the very responsive and intuitive design. By integrating the AMC module into LynQs, the index sponsors will benefit from more automation and one single entry point to manage their own tailor-made index solution."

As an in-house developed technology, LynQs gives Leonteq's clients digital access to one of the largest structured product universes available. LynQs is based on Leonteq's powerful analytical library and financial products engine, providing users with a completely new structuring experience. Users can price and trade structured products in a fully automated manner for more than 10 issuers and benefit from unique lifecycle management tools and investment ideas. The digital marketplace is available on the web or via a mobile app. LynQs uses new application features in a scalable, efficient and modular manner. It also offers open application programming interfaces (API) as well as white-labelling options for Leonteq's clients and partners, like private banks and asset managers. (*).

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