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Kamis, 13 Desember 2018 06:52:00

Smart Devices Will Learn to 'Diagnose' Relationship Issues and Improve Online Dating

Dating experts from eHarmony Australia have teamed up with researchers at Imperial College Business School in London to see what the future holds for the concept of relationships and find out how the electronics could reshape dating as we know it.

Modern gadgets and wearables like Google Home and smartwatches are gaining more and more popularity among those who need a convenient solution for schedule management, fitness tracking, and so on. But in the next five or seven years, these devices might get a new fantastic feature: they will be able to spot the potential relationship issues and help with creating a dating profile.

Gadgets will use voice analyzing to diagnose the health of a relationship 

According to the study results, by 2021 such digital assistants as Amazon Alexa or Google Home could tell you a lot about how your family union holds up. With only a 25 percent chance of error, these home devices would carefully "listen" to your vocal patterns, watch what words you use, and even keep track of how much you and your loved one speak to each other to calculate your compatibility. In addition, artificial Intelligence would be able to provide you with a few ideas to solve a relationship issue and settle an argument without hurting each other's feelings.

When the technology arrives, gadgets could provide couples with ways to fix some minor problems, suggesting that they visit a therapist, take a break from daily routine, or simply do something together.  So, devices wouldn't provide their owners with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to cope with cheating or make a compulsive liar change, but their effectiveness will be improved over time.

By 2025 wearables could help their owners find a perfect match 

In less than a decade, singles looking for that special someone might get an ultimate solution for that thanks to a combination of their genetic code and wearable gadgets. Tech and science expert are developing the technology that would allow us to track physiological reactions of our bodies to people we like, including increased blood pressure and heart rate, for measuring sexual attraction. 

A wearable gadget of the future could analyze our movements, eye contact, and even some patterns of verbal communication. All the information gathered by it will be combined with DNA data, which will help calculate the compatibility.

This is possible due to the existence of the so-called Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) genes. When we're looking for a partner, these genes influence our choice, making sure that we pick a person that would be our perfect match in terms of having healthy offspring. 

What does all this mean for online dating? In the next ten years, dating sites and apps could predict sexual attraction between two singles that haven't even met in real life yet.

Home gadgets could help us create an ideal dating profile

The majority of modern dating services already rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence to calculate potential matches. 

They're based on several different criteria, such as our personal preferences and expectations and even some data gathered by wearables. And the latter will be a major game-changer in the future. In other words, a dating site or app you use could automatically add all the data your smart gadget gathers to your profile if AI finds that this info might improve your chances to attract possible matches.  

For instance, it could add the data from your fitness tracker, knowing that people engaged in regular workouts are more popular. (*).

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